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TOYBOX SHOWCASE 01 (Japan Walker issue 02)

An entertainment section by Toybox Projects in the magazine.

Introducing Japanese artists, new and upcoming artists and creators from behind the scene from Japanese entertainment industry. Putting you on a fun and interesting journey while reading the interviews. 

In this Japan Walker Summer issue we have interview Anna Tsuchiya, VALSHE and Mina Watanabe. 

The Star - ANNA TSUCHIYA 土屋 アンナ

Spotlight On - VALSHE

Backstage With - MINA WATANABE

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土屋 アンナ独占インタビュー

Q: QUEEN of JROCKと呼ばれることにどう感じられますか?

How do you feel about being called the 'Queen of Jrock'? 

A: そう呼ばれてるなんて知りませんでした!


I had no idea I was called that! I'd love to have a lot of lives in Malaysia and Singapore so that people there get to know me and start to call me that! 


Q: アンナちゃんはエンターテーメント業界で挑戦している3エリア全て(モデル、女優、歌手)で成功を収めている数少ないアーティストですが、その成功の秘密と、そこまでにたどり着く苦労の体験談を教えてください。

There are not many artists in Japan who have been able to have success in three areas of the entertainment industry (as a model, an actress and a singer). Can you please tell us what your secret to success has been, as well as the difficulties you have encountered along the way? 

A: まだまだ成功を目指して頑張っている過程ですが



I'm still on my way to gaining success and still trying my best, but all of my work involves some kind of expression, so I place importance on never lying to myself and I'm always looking within myself to find new means of expression. I don't want to copy other people and I want to keep producing new work. My work is never a hardship- it's always fun for me.

Q: この仕事についた理由・きっかけはなんですか?

Why did you decide to pursue this career path? 

A: 姉がモデルをやっていたからモデルを始め、音楽はずっとやりたいと願っていたらチャンスが舞い込んできた。

My older sister was a model, so I started out modeling. It was always my ambition to do music and the opportunity to do so just came my way after wishing for it. 

Q: モデル、女優、歌手のどれが一番好きですか?また、それ以外に挑戦したいことはありますか?

Which do you like the most- your work as a model, actress or singer? Do you have any other challenges you'd like to take on? 

A: それぞれ違う楽しさややりがいがあるからどれが一番というのは難しい。


Each one is fun in different ways and has a different meaning for me, so it’s hard to say which I like the most. I just know that I want to continue with music until the day I die, so music probably makes me feel the best. But I like doing all three. 


Q: 子供がいても綺麗でホットな女性でい続けられていますが、どのようにしてその魅力をキープしているのですか?

Even though you have children you manage to stay beautiful and attractive. What do you do to maintain your charm? 

A: 年齢相応の年の取り方をしたいと思っていて、無理に若作りをするのではなく生きてて楽しいなと思えるように日々過ごすのが一番の「美」の秘訣だと思う。

I want to be appropriate for my age, so I don't obsess about trying to look young. Instead, it's best to live my life so that everyday I can feel that it's fun to be alive. I think that's the secret to 'beauty'. 


Q: セレブでいながら子育てもするというのは簡単なことではないと思います。この点に関して気をつけていることはありますか?

I imagine that it can't be easy raising children while being a celebrity. Is there anything in particular you take care with when it comes to this matter? 

A: 何でもありがたいと思うことが大事で、贅沢が幸せでもないと思うのですべてに感謝することが大事。

I feel it's important to be grateful no matter what happens. I don't believe that luxury brings happiness, so I try to feel thankful for everything.

Q: 海外でもお仕事をされていることがありますが、日本と外国のファンの違いはなんですか?

You sometimes work overseas, so what do you think is different about the fans in Japan compared to fans in other countries? 

A: 世界各地、文化によって反応や盛り上がり方が様々なので、それを体験できるのも海外でのライブの楽しみでもあります。

The response and the fans' way of enjoying themselves is different everywhere depending on the culture, so getting to experience that is one of the fun parts of having lives overseas. 


Q: 今後の計画を教えてください。

What plans do you have coming up?

A: いっぱい海外でのライブをやりたいと思っているのと、日本以外でもファッション誌に出てみたいと願っています。

I want perform a lot overseas and I would love to be able to appear in fashion magazines outside of Japan.


Q: 芸能界でのお仕事以外にやりたいことはありますか?

Is there anything you would like to do outside of your work in the entertainment industry?

A: 体を動かすことが好きなので良い体作りのことをしてみたいのと、絵や料理も好きなので仕事としてもやってみたいと思います

I love being active so I want to try some new forms of exercise and I also like drawing and cooking, so I'd like to try doing these activities as part of my work. 


Q: マレーシアのことで何か知っていることはありますか?また、マレーシアに行ってみたいと思われますか?

Do you know anything about Malaysia? And have you ever wanted to visit Malaysia? 

A: 美しい自然が多くある場所だと聞いているので、多くの自然に触れに行きたい。


I've heard that there are many beautiful nature spots so I want to experience the nature there.

I'd love to learn more about Malaysia, so I really want to visit. 


Q: シンガポールのことで何か知っていることはありますか?また、シンガポールに行ってみたいと思われますか?

Do you know anything about Singapore? And have you ever wanted to visit there as well? 

A: マリーナベイサンズに行ってみたい。


I want to go to Marina Bay Sands. I’ve heard that the night view is beautiful, so I’d love to have a live with the nightscape as the backdrop.


Q: 今までの人生の中で一番幸せな出来事はなんですか?

What is the best thing you’ve had happen in your life so far? 

A: 子供を授かったこと。

Being blessed with children. 


Q: 今までの芸能生活の中で一番幸せな出来事はなんですか?(夢を叶えた事、ファンとの出来事など)

What is the happiest thing to have happened to you so far in your life as an entertainer? (Such as a dream coming true or an experience with fans.)

A: 一番幸せなのは毎回のライブ。1度も同じライブは無いので、歌っていることが幸せ。聞いてくれるファンがいることが幸せ。 

The happiest thing for me is every live performance. No two lives are ever the same, so singing makes me happy. Having fans to listen to my music makes me happy. 


Q: 外国人アーティストで一緒にお仕事をしたい人は誰ですか?(歌手、女優、モデル、写真家、スタイリスト、メークアップアーティストなどジャンルは問いません) 

Which foreign artists would you like to work with? 

A: シンディ・ローパー、アンジェリーナ・ジョリー、ブルーノ・マーズ。

Cyndi Lauper, Angelina Jolie and Bruno Mars.


 Q: アニメが世界でもものすごい人気を集めています。日本の音楽、映画、ドラマ、ファッションはどうしたら海外でも大きくなっていけると思いますか?

Anime has become very popular throughout the world. How do you think Japanese music, television dramas and fashion can also get big overseas? 

A: 日本ならではの良さをもっと大胆に出していければいいのかな?日本人はもっと言葉の壁を乗り越えないといけない。

I guess Japanese should present what is unique about Japan more daringly? Japanese have to do more to overcome the language barrier.


Q: 日本が大好きな外国人をどう思われますか?

What do you think of foreigners who love Japan?

A: 心から感謝致します。

 I am grateful to them from the bottom of my heart.


Q: ゾンビのコスプレをされた事がありますが、世界中でコスプレが大人気な理由はなんだと思われますか?

You've dressed up as a zombie before, but why do you think cosplay has become so popular throughout the world? 

A: 自分の人生では経験できない自分をその瞬間に味わえるから。

I think it's because you can become someone different from who you are in your everyday life. 


Q: 演じるキャラクターを選べるとしたら、どういう役柄・キャラクターを演じてみたいですか?

If you had to choose a character to play, what kind of character or role would it be? 

A: すごく優しい役かハードなアクション。

Someone very kind or a tough action role. 


Q: 世界で一番好きな曲はなんですか?また、その理由は?

What is your most favourite song in the whole world and why?

A: True Colors (シンディ・ローパー) 優しい歌声と歌詞の内容が美しいから。

‘True Colors’ by Cyndi Lauper. Because her voice is gentle and the lyrics are beautiful.


Q: マレーシアとシンガポールのファンにメッセージをお願いします。

Please give a message to your fans in Malaysia and Singapore. 

A: まだ一度も行ったことが無いので行きたいという気持ちでいっぱいです。


I have never been to Malaysia or Singapore before, so I'm dying to go. 

I'm sure that being with everyone while I'm performing will be a special and memorable experience for me.


Q: 宝塚のロックバージョン的なイメージですが、こういうディレクションを選んだきっかけはなんですか?

You have a sort of 'rock meets Takarazuka*’ image. What was the reason you went with this direction?

A: ありのままを見せているだけ。ディレクションしてもいいけど、スタイルは作り物より自然発生のものが好きなんだ。

I just want to show myself as I am. Its fine to call it a direction, but style to me is something that comes naturally rather than something to be made. 


Q: VALSHEさんに憧れている女の子のファンがたくさんいますが、それをどう感じられますか?

There are many girls who look up to you, how do you feel about that?

A:  率直にとても嬉しいです。もちろん男の子もね!

It just makes me happy to be truthful. But this applies to boys too of course!

Q: 今までの芸能生活の中で一番幸せな出来事はなんですか?(夢を叶えた事、ファンとの出来事など)

What is the happiest thing to have happened to you so far in your career?

A: ひとつは自分の最も好きな音楽を通して表現できること。ひとつはそれを受け取ってくれるファンがいること。どちらもあって初めて成り立つものこそ、VALSHEにとっての一番の幸せ。

One of those things would be that I can express myself through the music that I love. Another would be that are people who like and receive my music. It is only because of these two things that form the foundation that makes everything possible for VALSHE and for that I am grateful. 

Q: 世界中でコスプレが大人気で、VALSHEさんもクロスプレーヤー(性別が逆のプレーの意)ということでコスプレファンに注目を浴びています。クロスプレーをする際に、気をつけている点はありますか?

Cosplay is very popular worldwide and as a crossplayer (cosplay in which the person dresses in a different gender) you have gained attention from cosplayers. When, crossplaying, is there something that you pay attention to in particular?

A:  クロスプレーヤーじゃないよ?まあだけど、そう見えるならそれでもOK!だってそれが素敵に見えるなら、形はなんでもいいと思わない?だけどもしVALSHEが本当にクロスプレーヤーとして自分をプロデュースするなら、ヒゲは欠かしたくないね!笑

I’m not a crossplayer. Well, but even if I look like one that’s okay! So long as it looks wonderful, the form it takes on doesn’t matter right? But if I were to really produce VALSHE as a crossplayer, I can’t go without facial hair! (laughs)


Q: コスプレ、アニメが世界的に人気急上昇中ですが、日本の音楽をもっと背秋に広めるには何をすれば良いと思われますか?

Anime and cosplay have gained a worldwide following, but what do you think can be done to make Japanese music achieve the same sort of popularity?

A:  偏見を持たないこと、気にしないこと。好きなものを好きだと主張できる強さと、周囲を認める寛容さがあれば、どこにだって広めていくことは難しくないよね。

Freedom from prejudice and to not care about what others think about you. So long as the environment is tolerant of people who have the strength to pursue what they like, it shouldn’t be difficult to expand it everywhere. 


Q: 海外でも何度かお仕事をされたようですが、日本と外国のファンの違いは何ですか?

You have worked outside of Japan as well. How are the overseas fans different from the Japanese ones?

A: 海外のファンは自分の感情に素直。日本人は「謙虚」「おくゆかしい」からね。良いことも悪いことも、どちらも声や態度で示すことが苦手だと思う。それが美しいとも思うよ。だけど海外のファンのダイレクトな熱量には、表現することを仕事にしている者として特別に感激してしまう。

The fans abroad are very true to their own feelings. Japanese are reserved and modest. For better or worse, they aren’t the sorts who express themselves through their voices or behavior. But I think there is also a beauty to that. However, as someone whose work is about expression, the direct passion of the overseas fans leaves me in awe.


Q: 影響を受けた人はいますか?それは誰ですか?

Is there someone you would credit as an influence on you?

A:  いない。海外のカルチャーや、日本を含めたファッションは常に研究してるよ。

No one. I’m constantly learning about foreign culture and Japanese fashion.


Q: 今後やりたいと思うお仕事はありますか?それは何ですか?

Is there some kind of work that you would like to try out? If so, what would that be?

A:  個性を尊重した音楽をぶれずに続けたい。それに、音楽はもちろん、全身を使ってできる仕事がしたいよ。声優や芝居がそう。

I want to continue to make music that prizes individuality with conviction. Of course through music, but I also want to be able to express this through all of my being. Like through voice acting and stage performances too.


Q: 今後の計画を教えてください。また、マレーシア・シンガポールに来る計画はございますか?

Please tell us about your plans from now on. Also do you have plans to come to Malaysia or Singapore? 

A: 国内でのLIVE、イベントの計画はたくさん立ってます。国外の計画は残念ながら未定。マレーシア・シンガポールに行きたくて仕方がないよ。呼んでくれれば行く準備はいつだって整ってる!笑

I have lots of lives and events coming up in Japan. Unfortunately, for the time being, I don’t have any plans for overseas. I really want to go to Malaysia and Singapore. I’m always prepared to come, so if you would just invite me (laughs).


Q: マレーシアとシンガポールのファンにメッセージをお願いします。

Please leave a message for your fans in Malaysia and Singapore.

A: 音楽は日本と海外という垣根を取り払うことが出来る。離れた場所からいつも応援してくれて本当にありがとう。一日も早くマレーシア、シンガポールのファンの元へ会いに行ける事を心から望んでいるから、応援してね。ありがとう、愛しています。

Music can break the barriers between Japan and other countries. Thank you for always supporting me from afar. I truly hope to be able to meet my fans in Malaysia and Singapore as soon as possible so please support me. Thank you and I love you. 


*Takarazuka Revue is an all-female musical theatre troupe in Japan in which women play both male and female roles. 


 Q: ミナさんのお仕事について教えてください(アーティストの衣装さん・スタイリストさんですが、それについて&それ以外にどういうことをしているかなど)


Mina-san, please tell us a bit about your work as an artist stylist and costume designer.

A: アイドル商品企画/今回はNMBの女の子ちゃんの期間限定ブランド立ち上げ。商品企画。講師/2校 教壇に立ちスタイリストを育てています。講演会/体型別ファッションの選び方、カラーの選び方と組み合わせ方、小物の使い方、着回しテクニック、どう見られたいかどう見せたいかなど。スタイリスト育成プロジェクトにも参加/アジア圏

When I do styling for television, advertisements and stage productions, I will first discuss with the director about the kind of desired image they wish to convey before proceeding to source for costumes that fit the image. This is followed by the fitting. In the case of costume design for artists, I do sketches based on discussions with the artist and the director. I am also involved in the production and planning of idol related goods. Recently I participated in the product planning and launch of a limited-time-only brand by one of the members of NMB48 (a popular idol unit in Japan). Aside from that I also teach at two different schools. From the podium I’ve assisted in the cultivation of stylists. I also give lectures on various topics such as how to style different body types, colour coordination, how to accessorize, techniques on how to mix and match, projection and perception and so on.  

Q: これまでのお仕事の中で一番大変だったことはなんですか?

Up till now, what has been the most difficult experience of your career?

A: 大変な事は挑戦を選ぶ事だと思います。乗り越えればどんなに大変でも後で良い思い出になるので無いです。某大御所の女優さんがリースで借りたフェンディの衣裳を勝手にフィッティング、口紅ガンガンに付いていた時はかなり凹みました〜(笑

I think that a difficult situation presents you with an opportunity to take on a challenge. No matter how tough, if you can overcome it, it’ll become a valuable memory, so none really. Having said that, there was an incident with this one very famous actress who had, without consulting us, tried on a Fendi outfit we had on a loan and she got her lipstick all over it. At that time I was quite gutted (laughs). 


Q: これまでのお仕事の中で、一番思い出に残っている事はなんですか?

On the flipside, what has been the most memorable thing you’ve experienced through your work?

A: 原宿ロンチャーズという番組でスタイリストの先生という立ち位置で顔出していた。好き勝手にしゃべらせともらっていたので面白かった。

I appeared as a teacher to the stylists on a television program called ‘Harajuku Launchers’. I was allowed to speak as I pleased so it was fun for me. 


Q: 一緒にお仕事をしてみたいアーティストは誰ですか?

Is there an artist whom you would love to work with? 

A: 芸術家とコラボ。異業種とのコラボ。今年は書道家とやります。

I would like to collaborate with artists and those involved in different fields from me. This year I will collaborate with an expert on Japanese calligraphy. 

Q: ファッションデザイナーではなく衣装さん・スタイルリストさんを選んだ理由はなんですか?

You chose to become a wardrobe and costume stylist and not a fashion designer. Could you tell us what the reasons for this were?

A: 人が好きなので顔の見える人に衣裳(縁起物)を提供したかった為。

I like people, so I wanted to provide costumes, or ‘lucky charms’ so to speak, for those in the public eye.      

Q: 日本のファッション業界で働きたい日本が大好きな外国人にアドバイスをお願いします。 

Could you offer some advice for foreigners who like Japan and dream of working in the Japanese fashion industry?
A: 日本語と感情の勉強。




I would advise them to study the Japanese language and to gain an understanding of Japanese sentiments. Also, try to make as much contact with Japanese culture as possible. Japanese people do not have the culture you have, so treasure it as part of your individuality. There is something that you will be able to do with it as a person perceiving Japan.


Q: コスプレが世界でも大人気ですが、コスプレについてどう思われますか?

Cosplay is popular all over the globe, but what do you think of cosplay?

A: 素晴らしいジャパニーズカルチャーですね。2次元を3次元に加工するすごさ!


It’s a wonderful element of Japanese culture. It’s amazing to be able to turn a two dimensional design into a three dimensional person! As a designer, it’s exciting to see cosplay that is of a very high quality. I would like for cosplay to progress along with anime.


Q: アニメが世界でもものすごい人気を集めています。日本の音楽、映画、ドラマ、ファッションはどうしたら海外でも大きくなっていけると思いますか?

Anime is also immensely popular all over the world. What should be done to make Japanese music, film and fashion bigger?

A: なって欲しいですね。








I want those things to get big too. But the care with which they've been produced up until now is very important and we shouldn't let go of that. Aside from that, going from expression that has depth to incorporating a more direct expression takes a lot of care.

For both, I feel it's important that creating the image for the project isn't a short-term plan but one that could take could take 10 years where you build up little by little over a length of time. Project cycles in Japan now are ridiculously fast with a sense of disposability. Overseas it's considered important to reflect on how things were done in Japan. I want to value the uniqueness that can't be found anywhere else. 




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