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Here are some of the clips from our events and projects. 


[ALEXANDROS] Sleepless in Kuala Lumpur - Message & Promo Video

[ALEXANDROS] Sleepless in Kuala Lumpur - Message & Promo Video

日本の人気ロックバンド[Alexandros]がクアラルンプールで再びライブします!チケットは昨日4/19発売開始でしたがVIPチケットは初日で完売!人気ドラマ「コウノドリ」やハリウッド映画実写版「ブリーチ」や新しい「ゴジラ」の曲も歌ってます!今すごい勢いのあるロックバンドです!クアラルンプールで一緒日本のロックバンドライブ盛り上げてください💕 [Alexandros] is coming back to Kuala Lumpur and VIP tickets sold out on the first day! This Japanese rock band is so fashionable both in outlook and the music! Their music is not alien to those Japanese drama and movie fans as they have been featured in many such as Hollywood movie live action [Bleach] and the upcoming [Gozilla] Japanese release, and the popular japanese drama [Kounodori] etc! What’s more, they speak fluent English! Do check this fast rising Japanese rock band, grad your tickets and rock with us💗 チケット Tickets : コンサート情報 Concert Info :
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