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Globally Acclaimed Japanese Artist Vicke Blanka Releases New Single 'Ponytail'

Vicke Blanka is blowing up big, with theme songs for several anime, TV dramas and commercials in Japan, while his music has received sustained attention from around the world, racking up some 200 million plays on streaming services. Today he releases his latest single, ‘Ponytail’, along with an accompanying music video.

This breaking Japanese singer-songwriter disregards genres such as pop and rock to deliver his own brand of melodic music. Among his various tracks for popular TV shows and commercials in Japan, ‘Black Rover’ and ‘Black Catcher’ – his two opening theme tunes for the anime series ‘Black Clover’ – have been especially successful, finding massive audiences both in Japan and overseas.

‘Black Rover’, which was the opening track for Season 3 of ‘Black Clover’, has generated more than 50 million plays on streaming services outside of Japan, while fan-made cover videos of the song have totaled some 100 million plays on YouTube. Among these, versions by anime-song cover artists Raon Lee and BLINDING SUNRISE have received over 10 million and 4 million plays on YouTube, respectively. Truly, the song has been performed and adored by a variety of artists around the world.

‘Black Rover’ anime music video:

Meanwhile, ‘Black Clover’ Season 10 theme tune ‘Black Catcher’ has accumulated 40 million plays on streaming services overseas since its release in 2020.

‘Black Catcher’ music video:

‘Black Catcher’ anime music video:

Amid all of this worldwide recognition, Vicke Blanka today releases his latest single, ‘Ponytail’, along with a music video. ‘Ponytail’ is a delicate mid-tempo ballad with a springtime theme tinged with the melancholy of fleeting romance. The track was arranged by Akimitsu Honma, who has produced hit artists such as Porno Graffitti and Ikimonogakari. The track’s powerful and touching sound perfectly carries Vicke Blanka’s ephemeral melody line.

‘Ponytail’ music video:

The video for ‘Ponytail’ stars Hinako Sakurai, a rising young actress who is currently attracting a lot of attention in Japan. It follows two young people as they follow their dreams; the past and the present intersect, and their story unfolds with both joy and sorrow. With themes of opening the door to something new, taking a bold step and making a fresh start, it is perfect for springtime.

Download and streaming links:

Vicke Blanka Profile

Five years on from his major-label debut on October 26, 2016, Vicke Blanka is a singer-songwriter whose memorable and melodic music crosses the boundaries between pop and rock. His songs have been used on numerous popular anime series, TV dramas and commercials in Japan, while also enjoying runaway success overseas, with over 200 million total plays on streaming services. In addition to his success as a recording artist, Vicke Blanka is also a songwriter for other musicians, a radio DJ, an advertisement model and an esports streamer.

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