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Important Notice : HYDE Acoustic Tour 2018 黒ミサ Asia Scam

We have been advised by HYDE management to inform all HYDE fans on this incidence. Kindly take note on the following :

There is some notification from fans that there is ticket scam company announced for HYDE Tickets for each territories. The company is called 上理Skyline票务资讯. Currently they are selling tickets for China, and HK but it could/may affect other territories too. Or there maybe other scam parties arise. To avoid any troubles, kindly purchase your concert tickets only from the official ticketing website / outlets appointed for the concert.

For HYDE Acoustic Tour 2018 黒ミサ Asia Live in Kuala Lumpur, the official ticketing agent is Ticket Charge and the official ticketing page is as below :

Below is the notice that Chinese promoter announced yesterday :


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