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JAPAN x MALAYSIA Friendship Concert in 2017!

What to look out for this September 2017!

The year marks the 60th Anniversary of Japan and Malaysia’s business collaboration. As part of the 60th Anniversary projects, the music festival will be held on 23rd September 2017 (Saturday), at Sunway Surf Beach. Malaysian and Japanese artists will be performing together to heighten their business ties and furthermore encounter the various music culture. This event is jointly organized by Toybox Projects, IME Malaysia and Ishida Taiseisha Inc.

Influential idols from Malaysia and Japan will gather for an outstanding performance during the event. Malaysian Rock Band, Bunkface confirmed join the event. They represented Malaysia to perform at Japan’s annual rock festival Summer Sonic Tokyo 2015, and also been to Ishikawa prefecture, Japan for the promotional travelogue, which many of the scenes of their hit song Darah Muda Music Video has been shot. With this concert, Bunkface is looking forward to expand their music influences further. An up and coming musical band, Fazz, who has performed in Haneda International Anime Music Festival 2015 in Tokyo, Japan and has toured Tokyo in 2016, will also be performing during the celebration event.

Much awaited, popular Japanese Harajuku dance rock band – An Cafe, will be performing in Malaysia for the first time in their 14 years of touring worldwide and being internationally well-known. And electro/rap group –, consisting MC Itsuka and DJ Gonchi, who has been featured in Malaysian TV Program Mad Markets Hokuriku Special, a collaboration Travelogue by Japan and Malaysia, will also be performing in the event. The former member of AKB48, Tomomi Itano will be one of the performers for friendship concert. With her solo career after AKB48, Tomomi has became one of the fashion icon artists in J-POP scene!

Celebrating the 15th Anniversary, the Queen of J-ROCK, Anna Tsuchiya, who is also a famous celebrity model and award winning actress will be joining the concert after receiving many requests from the fans in Malaysia. Anna’s hit song ‘Rose’ is very well known with the popular animation ‘NANA’. Japanese Idol group Juice=Juice, who has recently announced the 2 additional new young members confirmed to join. They will showcase the “Kawaii” stage representing J-POP Idols to Malaysia! All of the Japanese Artists joining this concert are performing in Malaysia for the first time.

Besides that, Malaysian Artists Jaclyn Victor, Joe Flizzow and Alvin Chong are confirmed to be participating in the event. Jaclyn Victor who was the winner of the Malaysian Idol owns a strong foundation in her vocal skill that helps her shines throughout her journey. ‘Apa Khabar’ sung by Joe Flizzow, a Hip-Hop rapper artist, gained 800 million of views on YouTube and was nominated on several international music awards! The reputation of sunshine boy, Alvin Chong who is currently embarking the Malay market, is increasing rapidly. His appearance in this event will attract many fans attention and support.

The Sunshine boy who sings in English, Chinese and Malay, currently embarking the Malay market, Alvin Chong is joining JAPAN x MALAYSIA Friendship Concert 2017! Alvin personally loves Japan and he is excited to participate in this!

The festival will be joint by Japanese prefectures and audiences will also be able to enjoy finding out more about Japan.

Line Up Artists (Japan) :

Anna Tsuchiya

Tomomi Itano

An Cafe


Line Up Artists (Malaysia) :

Joe Flizzow


Jaclyn Victor

Alvin Chong


Grab your tickets now at TicketCharge and REDTIX!

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