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Toybox Showcase 001 | Exclusive Interview with Anna Tsuchiya, VALSHE and Mina Watanabe

It's finally here!

We are excited to have the release of Japan Walker summer issue 02!

If you have not heard the news, we are in charge of the entertainment section called [TOYBOX SHOWCASE], and every issue we will introduce 2 Artists and 1 Creator : The Star, Spot Light On, and Backstage with.

In this issue, we have interviewed the Popular Star who has fan base among Jrock, ACG and Fashion in Malaysia, Anna Tsuchiya (土屋アンナ) The Star, and Spot Light On VALSHE (バルシェ) the unique up & coming artist who has also sang for Konan The Detective animation, and Backstage with Mina Watanabe, who is a popular stylist and costume designer for Japanese Artist. There will also be a small tip by Dazedgaren the Japanese indie band on how to enjoy entertainment life in Japan!

We will also have the FULL interviews on our website as we could not have all for the magazine due to the limitations of pages.

Japan Walker is a new type of travel magazine on a quarterly basis, produced by Kadokawa Gempak Starz with information on Japan! It's packed with useful content tailor-made especially for fans of Japanese traditional and popular culture. It is available both in English and Malay version at major bookstore in Malaysia and Singapore!

Don't forget to get your copy of Japan Walker 02!

For more info, please visit the official site: Japan Walker SEA Facebook site:

Japan Walker Issue 02 cover - English ver.

Japan Walker Issue 02 cover - Malay ver.

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