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Bunkface experienced ISHIKAWA,JAPAN

Less than 1 week to HARI RAYA! Here's the great news from us. On the FIRST DAY OF HARI RAYA, our Ishikawa Travelogue featuring Bunkface!will be aired in Malaysia on TV9 at 10AM! Hopefully when you enjoy your family gatherings at home, this program will add on the joy and happiness! And plan yourselves to visit ISHIKAWA! But before the actual program, here are the NEWS CLIP and the TV SHOW by Hokuriku Asahi Broadcasting, introducing this program and Bunkface, with English subs!

NEWS on [SUPER J CHANNEL スーパーJチャンネル] Variety Show [DOYOU WA DOKIDOKI 土曜ははドキドキ]


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