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Sarah is a highly adept emcee and interpreter who boasts 10 years of experience in emceeing, translating and interpreting between English and Japanese. Her work resume displays her ability to transverse across a wide variety of platforms – Media Interviews, ACG events, and concerts to name a few.  Sarah began her career in 2009 and has been actively engaged in applying her linguistic skills and talents since. While there may be other bilingual interpreters in the field, Sarah is known to be the ONLY professional bilingual (English-Japanese) interpreter and emcee. 


She is able to transition between languages with ease while capturing the charm, humor and essence of the conversation into their respective localities. In other words, when she interprets, she doesn’t just summarize, but is able to ‘speak as’ the person she translates for, capturing things as they are, culturally and contextually. This is a skill she has cultivated through her own deep appreciation of and affectual ties to Japanese popular culture. Her skill set is a perfect example of passion generated expertise, thus you can expect her to take up the task with pride and passion. 




  •  Valentine with Miku International Online Fan Meeting (Japanese-English Interpreter and Emcee)


  • Alice Nine First Online International Fan Meeting (Japanese-English Emcee)

  • Japanese Sake Online Business Matching & Tasting Event (Japanese-English Interpreter and Emcee)


  • Memang Ichiban at Pavilion KL (Japanese-English Interpreter)


  • [ALEXANDROS] Sleepless in Kuala Lumpur 2019 (Japanese-English Interpreter)


  • Miyamoto Saki Cosplayer 2nd FanMeet in KL (Japanese-English Emcee)

  • HYDE Acoustic Concert Tour Live in Kuala Lumpur (Japanese-English Emcee)

  • [ALEXANDROS] Live in Kuala Lumpur 2018 (Japanese-English Interpreter)

2017 ​

  • Japanese Food Supporters (Japanese-English Interpreter)

  • Japan x Malaysia Friendship Concert 2017 (Japanese-English Emcee)

  • Toybox of Japan at Isetan The Japan Store (Japanese-English Interpreter)

  • ASTALIFT Photogenic Beauty Workshop (Japanese-English Presenter)

  • Flavour of Hanami (Japanese-English Interpreter and Emcee)


  • Japan Weekend JPOP Signature 2016 (Japanese-English Interpreter and Emcee)

  • Iori Nomizu at Voice Actor Event (Japanese-English Interpreter)

  • Yamanashi Concept Store Opening (Japanese-English Interpreter and Emcee)

  • Atre Pop-Up Store (Japanese-English Interpreter)

  • Japan Travel Fair (Japanese-English Interpreter)


  • Alice Nine Live in KL 2015 (Japanese-English Interpreter)

  • MATTA Fair (Japanese-English Interpreter to JNTO)



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