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First Online International Fan Meeting

Attention/Update : We have sent out all the parcel tracking number for the merchandises to the fans. If you have yet to received it, kindly check with us.

Message from Alice Nine

Video Message

Alice Nine - Blue Flame

Music Video

Alice Nine - After Dark

Music Video

Alice Nine International Online Fan Meet

About Alice Nine

Formed in 2004, Alice Nine (アリス九號., also known as A9) is a Visual Kei band from Japan featuring the unchanging lineup of Show (vocals), Hiroto (guitar), Tora (guitar), Saga (bass) and Nao (drums). They are one of the long-standing Visual Kei bands with a career that spans close to 17 years with 10 full studio albums to boast. Well known for their distinct sound, otherworldly on stage charisma and strong teamwork, they’ve amassed a loyal fandom that spans across the globe, visible not only by their strong online presence but from their numerous international releases and tours.

Official Website :

Official Announcement from Alice Nine


[CONTEST] Alice Nine First Online International Fan Meeting

Win your moment with ALICE NINE

Two (2) winners will be selected to present what you want to say to Alice Nine It can be how much you love them, how they inspire you, read a written poem, etc. Your presentation time will be 1 minute.

To join the contest, find out more on Facebook page:

[Contest has ended]

ALICE NINE 2021 Contest.png

Event Details

[Online Meet & Greet]

Date : Saturday, 17 July 2021

Time :  2pm (GMT+8) Malaysia Time

Venue : ZOOM 

Language : Japanese / English 

Ticket price : 

★ VIP ★ RM350 / US$90

(Meet & Greet + Merchandise + 1-on-1 Session)

 A ★ RM170 / US$45 

(Meet & Greet + Merchandise)

 B ★ RM130 / US$35

(Meet & Greet)

Rules & Regulations :
• This is an online event via ZOOM. Please download, install and create an account with ZOOM in advance.
• This event is open to all international fans excluding fans from Japan. We will be requiring some form of official identification (eg: IC / ID / Passport / Visa / PR card, etc.) that lists your current residential address in order to authenticate participation. Fans of Japanese nationality who are residing overseas are allowed to join this event.
• Each ticket admits only 1 person. Each participating screen must only show 1 person.
• Ticket price excludes merchandise shipping fee. Please make sure to check the shipping fee price list in order to confirm the amount before making the final payment. 
• Due to the Covid-19 pandemic related courier services restrictions, we can only ship out a maximum of 4 sets of merchandise per shipment. In case you are purchasing more than 4 tickets that comes with merchandise, you will be required to pay for additional shipping fees according to the number of purchases.
• You will be able to order up to 4 tickets per entry.
• VIP tickets are limited in number. 
• Tickets sold are non-refundable.
• We will send out the link to ZOOM event a day before the event.
• 1 hour prior to the event, our staff will check your confirmation number before granting entry admission.

• Organizer reserves the rights to alter programme contents without prior notice and refuse or escort out any participants whose behaviour is deemed inappropriate. 

Strictly no screenshot during the event.

Download ZOOM :


Merchandise Shipping Info

Please find the shipping fee list for your reference:

Due to covid-19, there are restrictions for the courier services. The price listed in the chart is the current charges (as of 21 May 2021) for your reference. However, kindly note that the price has increased from last month charges and there are possibilities it will increase again or restrictions on shipment. Before we make the shipment after the event, we will inform you the final price once we double check the courier charges / services.

We can ship out a maximum 4 sets of merchandise in one parcel. If the shipping address is different, please specify. Kindly note each different address will cause shipping fees.


Ticket Info

Ticket starts selling on 29 May 2021, 2pm (GMT+8) Malaysia Time. Registration link will be available on this event page and also on our Facebook.

Steps to Purchase Ticket (updated) :

1. Fill in the registration form. 
There will be 2 options for payment that you can choose from;

- Payment through PayPal (US$)

- Payment through Bank (RM)

2. Before you submit the form, you are required to make payment for the ticket and the shipping fee together, upload the snapshot of payment transaction in the form.  
Kindly note that we will be shipping out the merchandise after the event, in case the shipping fee increases (the fees continuously changes during this covid-19), you will need to make the balance payment before we make the shipment.
If your country shipping fee is not in the list, kindly message us on Facebook or email us at We will get back to you as soon as possible.

3.  After you have submit the form, kindly allow 3 working days for us to confirmed the payment.

4. Once we have received your payment, we will send you the order number / confirmation number to your email. 

5. Please note that the order number / confirmation number would be your verification ID for ZOOM and you are required to insert the number before your ZOOM name. 

Confirmation Number [space] Your ZOOM Display Name
001 Toybox

Our staff will check the confirmation number on the event day before allowing participants to enter the online event. (1 hour prior to the event, if there's any changes we will make an announcement)



Visit our Facebook page to get the latest updates!

To visit, click here.



UPDATED 15 July 2021

[Alice Nine First Online International Fan Meeting]

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 


1. What merchandise are we getting?

Artist management wants to keep it as a surprise but it is special merchandise just for this event.

Please note that the merchandise is designed and chosen given the restrictions of shipment due to Covid-19 that are currently in place and will not contain bulky items. Please look forward to it!


2. How long is the meet & greet event? <Updated>

The main event is about 90 mins excluding the 1-on-1 session.

For 1-on-1 session, we will call you in 1 by 1. You will need to wait in the main event room for your turn. You are allowed to communicate amongst fans at the main event room before and after the main event, while you are waiting after your registration and before/after your 1-on-1 session.


3. How long is the 1-on-1 session? <Updated>

It will be 2 minutes conversation time including the translation time for each ticket. In order to maximize the usage of time, we strongly recommend you note down the things you wish to say to the artist in advance.

We would like to express that we tried to request for more time for all of you but unfortunately, artist management only allowed 1 minute per ticket as it is the general rule for the 1-on-1 sessions in Japan as well. However, we have managed to get extra 1 minute for you to greet with the artists.

In order to make use of the time at best, we have a suggestion to the fans : Probably you can prepare your questions or what you want to say in Japanese in advance and talk to the artist in Japanese. The answer from the artist can be translated by the translator. That way you will cut the time of translations. Of course if you feel more comfortable to have the translators for the entire conversation, please go ahead to get the help from the translators. They will ask you if you need the translators when you enter the room.


4. Will there be a translator for the 1-on-1 session?

Yes, there will be a translator on standby. He/She will translate in English or Japanese only.

Please inform the translator if you need the translator's help upon entering the 1-on-1 session room.


5. Can I bring my own translator?

No you are not allowed to bring another person in.


6. How many Alice Nine members can I meet for the 1-on-1 session?

Only 1 member per VIP ticket which you have selected in the registration form.


7. Can I purchase another VIP ticket to join another 1-on-1 session?

The artist management allows you to purchase extra tickets if you wish to talk to another member or want extra time.

In case you are buying another ticket, kindly inform us that you are the same person but that you wish to join another session and purchased another ticket.


8. If I buy another VIP tickets for my self to join another 1-on-1 session, do I have to pay for the shipping fee too?

No you don't. We can ship out up to 4 sets of merchandises in 1 shipment.Pls submit the ticket purchase form once again, and at the shipping section, select [None. I'm buying Ticket B] as thats's the only option with no shipping. And leave the remarks at the end that this is your second purchase for yourself.


9. Can I have a screenshot with the member during 1-on-1 session?

The artist management does not allow this.


10. May I leave after I have finished my 1-on-1 session?

Yes, you may leave after you have done, or you may continue to remain at the main event room to chat with other fans until we complete the 1-on-1 session for all and close the Zoom event.


11. When will I receive the merchandise?

At the moment we are planning to ship it out a few days after the event after we have confirmed the latest shipping fee as we have announced previously. As you may be aware, due to Covid-19, there are restrictions by the government for international shipping, and therefore the shipping fee costs more than when compared to other times when we can use the regular post. Once we confirm the final shipping fee, if there are no updates on additional charges or restrictions by the government, we will ship the packages out. If there are changes in the shipping fee (as sometimes there are), we will inform the VIP and ticket A holders about the additional shipping fee charges. Once we have confirmed the additional payment (if any) we will ship the merchandise out accordingly.


12. When will the ticket sales end?

It will end 1 hour prior to the event. 1pm (GMT+8)

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