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FAZZ is a band based in Malaysia. Their music has a good blend of cabaret, jazz, blue, pop and swing. Theatrical, Flamboyant, Humorous, and Passionate are what best describe FAZZ. Focusing on delivering entertainment through storytelling, the band fuses theatrical broadway with modern-day poetry. Occasionally, the quartet band will joined by other members and formed 7-8 people to perform together. 

FAZZ delivers their brand of entertainment by fusing story-telling with theatrical stagecraft and modern-day poetry. With a repertoire of both memorable originals and uniquely deconstructed covers, they are a popular live act to feature at restaurants, bars and event openings. The band has also been invited to play overseas at cultural festivals and live houses in Japan, South Korea and Singapore.



Lead Voice

Lynn was previously part of the National Choir of Malaysia. She

is deeply influenced by the sound of musical theatre, which has inspired her to add elements of it into the band’s performance. She has also participated in a number of productions which include: Into the Woods, Cheras The Musical!, Empress Wu, The Wizard of Oz, Glitz & Glamour and Fame.


Originally hailing from Korea, Grace began her interest in piano at the age of 6. A skillful pianist who is able to produce a sense of serenity with her gentile sounds, only to go on to surprise listeners later with her more aggressive style of articulation.


His passion for music led him to pursue his studies at the International College of Music in Kuala Lumpur. Being part of FAZZ has given him the opportunity to perform in South Korea, Japan and Singapore. With the desire to become a stronghold in the local music industry, Jason decided to actively pursue performing and joined FAZZ.

E. Double Bass 

A versatile string musician who also comes up with the musical arrangements and sound direction of FAZZ. He is a regular sessionist for bands

and artists around Kuala Lumpur and does tour sessions with Dato Mokhzani Ismail (head of the RTM Orchestra). Depending on his instrument of choice, he can transport listeners to a world of dreamy ballads and funky grooves.


The drummer who forms the backbone of the band, known for his infectious beats. Jone has been with the band from the time of its formation and is able to ease into different genres of music without difficulty; jazz, pop, rock and ballads to name a few.


He was part of the St John’s Institution Naval Cadet Band in high school, and his passion for music took him on a journey to join the Sacramento Mandarins, which gave him the opportunity to perform at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indiana. With a great understanding of beat, rhythm and tempo, he smoothly incorporates dance and movement styles as he plays.


FAZZ - Cheshire Cat MV

Music Video

FAZZ - Blame (Aly.Mix) MV

Music Video

The FAZZ Experience

Live Performance for client viewing 



GLOW Taylor's Lakeside festival

Date : 23 November 2019

Time : 4pm - 11pm

Venue : Taylor's Lakeside University


❖ True Complexion - ALIVE! Festival

ZF Chasis Systems Pekan Grand Launch

❖ [ALXEANDROS] Live in Kuala Lumpur 2018 - Opening

❖ BuroTurnsThree

❖ Strongbow Refreshing by Nature

❖ Grand Opening of Marion Crepes Malaysia 2018

❖ Quayside Fiesta 2018

❖ Spartan Race in Johor Bahru 2017 

❖ TIMM (Tokyo International Music Market) 2017
❖ Japan x Malaysia Friendship Concert 2017
❖ Guinness St. Patrick's Weekend 2017

❖ Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 2016

❖ Haneda International Anime Music Festival 2015

❖ Penang Island Jazz Festival 2015


FAZZ are an award winning band. The following are some of their more notable awards:

❖ The Best song composition in the Sonica Song Composing Competition, Malaysia in 2012
❖ The 1st place in the Diamond in the Rough Competition, Malaysia in 2012
❖ The 2nd prize at Coliseum Band Competition, Singapore in 2015

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